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3 days ago

York Green Party

so furious.. so furious..

Green Party of England and Wales
⚠️ We have 12 years to prevent climate catastrophe.

🌍 Guess how many times the budget mentioned climate change?

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3 days ago

York Green Party

Caroline Lucas is speaking live shortly on facebook! 7.30pmAs Brexit descends further into chaos, the need for a People's Vote becomes clearer every day.

Tonight we're joining a huge rally calling for people to have a final say. Share if you're with us & want a People's Vote!

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What a mess the Tory party is in, when the lead story is minister decides not resign

The highway code says motorists should give cyclists 1.5 metres clearance when overtaking. Please drive safely and give cyclists space, whether or not they are wearing a helmet.

Andy D'Agorne spoke about residents parking at the Council meeting to help residents with cleaner cars to have reduced parking charges

May’s Brexit is dead – a Final Say on the deal is the only route out of the chaos | @CarolineLucas

The British public does not back Theresa May's Brexit deal

Support - 19%
Oppose - 42%
Don't know - 39%

42% of Leave voters oppose the deal, as do 47% of Remain voters



Full results now up - an overwhelming 70% of Brits do not feel represented by what is going on here.

This is unsustainable - let's #EndTheChaos with a #PeoplesVote!


Risks of political gridlock over #Brexit deal will be shouldered not by MPs, but by the people we represent.

Those risks can only be mitigated if MPs put conscience before party politics and party whips - and support a #PeoplesVote on what happens next. https://t.co/0OB5tM0wE9

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