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2 weeks ago

York Green Party
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Caudrilla at Preston New Road causing more earth quakes, and they are getting larger.

Fracking must stop

Guildhall Ward Residents BBQ
Guildhall Ward Councillors are hosting a residents BBQ at the Red Tower/Navigation Road - Wednesday 28th August 6pm to 8:30pm.
The Police are doing property marking.
The fire service are proving info on staying safe
and lots more. Every one welcome

Foote wasn't allowed to read her own paper at the conference because she was a woman. In 2010 a geologist came across her work & realized she was the first to make the connection between carbon dioxide and climate change, not Tyndall, who published a few years later. #WomenInSTEM

NEW: Cuadrilla & the BGS have a secret agreement where basically Cuadrilla give the orders and the BGS comply, including document shredding upon request.

Our community is at risk over non-transparent & sneaky #fracking behaviour

With Greens now helping to run the council the climate emergency is being taken seriously

Brilliant analysis of the attack on public transport/why we really need PT and who is doing the attacking. It is about the USA but it is the same in the UK!
@CBTransport @Modern_Railways

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