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1 day ago

York Green Party

Thank you for voting Green, join today! ...

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4 days ago

York Green Party
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4 days ago

York Green Party

Hello & welcome to polling day! 🗳️

You have until 10pm to vote!

Yes to Europe, No to Climate Change, No to Injustice & Hate!

#votegreen #ChooseHope #VoteMAGID #York

Vote for a bright low carbon future.
Vote for a million new climate jobs.
The EU is planning to spend 25% of it's entire budget on the transition to a low carbon economy.
This could create a million new climate jobs in the UK.
Tens of thousands have already been created servicing the offshore wind industry from the Humber estuary.

This is also how to save the UK steel industry as transforming the country's entire energy and transport sectors will require a lot of steel.

Vote for air fit to breathe.
Many areas of the UK are still breaching EU air pollution regulations leading to thousands of early deaths and many more people facing breathing difficulties. The UK is only now taking action to address this after being taken to court.

Vote for the freedom to live, work and retire anywhere in the EU.
1.3 million Brits currently live in other EU countries.
The right for any of us to move to a different country without needing to earn a certain amount of money or be in a certain profession to get a visa is an incredible right that we must not give away lightly.

Vote for beaches that don’t make us ill.
The EU forced the UK government to stop the water companies dumping raw sewage into the sea around the UK coast to stop us from having to swim in sewage.
In many places, raw sewage is still dumped into the sea when it rains too much.
We need the EU to keep up the legal pressure on the UK government to force the water companies to stop this.

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Yeahhhh!!! 🥳🥳🥳🥳 @MagicMagid is the first ever @TheGreenParty MEP for Yorkshire & The Humber!!! @YHGreenParty #GreenWave

Fantastic that @MagicMagid had been elected as a green MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who voted green

The #Brexit enthusiasts (Brexit Party, Conservatives + UKIP) are in total actually LOSING seats in the European Parliament, compared to what they won last time. Seats partially redistributed from UKIP & Cons to #BrexitParty, but overall DOWN !

A bad night for #Leavers

Ok, but seriously. Why are pedestrians constantly interrupted so that drivers never have to take their foot off the gas? Imagine if sidewalks were continuous with "crossdrives" where motorists are permitted to cross if they can ever get pedestrian traffic to pause for them.

.@UN chief @antonioguterres has told world leaders "don't come with a speech, come with a plan" to tackle #ClimateChange at the September #ClimateActionSummit. These are the 9 key areas in which the world needs to see significant #ClimateAction 👉

'Queen Elisabeth Square' or Constantine Square? Paving or grass and trees? Cyclists dismount signs? have your say on these latest proposals

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