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5 days ago

York Green Party

Save on 'popping out to buy milk' and use returnable bottles instead of single use plastic!Great news our doorstep delivery service is now 95%Plastic Free.
For further information on having your Free Range Milk Delivered to your Doorstep in York please Email me :

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5 days ago

York Green Party

Great team fighting for Green council seats - your help needed if you live in Micklegate...Rosie Baker is our lead candidate taking over the place currently capably held by Lars KrammOn May 2nd, we are having local elections in #York. York Green Party is putting forward 47 candidates covering every seat on the City of York Council. Green Councillor Lars Kramm, 2015 elected for Micklegate Ward is not standing again in the Ward, but Green4Micklegate is pleased to announce three excellent candidates:
Rosie Baker
Sam Biram
Vera van Gool
We aim to increase our number of councillors from the four currently held across three wards of the city, and another Green councillor for #Micklegate can make the difference.
As many voters are disillusioned with the main national parties and locally they are distracted by infighting and political point scoring, Greens have the best chances ever to make a positive change for York.

You can learn more about our Micklegate candidates here:

Here you can learn more about our Green manifesto for York:

Green councillors in York have successfully got policies through the Council on traffic congestion and air quality, homelessness, food poverty, divesting from fossil fuels, public health services, mental health provisions, disposable cups, protecting green spaces and more action on the #ClimateEmergency.

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6 days ago

York Green Party

Your vote matters.
MONDAY (15 April) at 5pm is the deadline for postal vote applications.
Visit for further information.
#York #RegisterToVote #LocalElections

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BREAKING: Coal export to Brisbane coal terminal stopped with 18 year old climate activist holding strong atop a fully loaded coal train as part of the International Rebellion demanding climate action immediately. Follow along on Facebook:

The first priority of a government is the security of its citizens.

Ecological breakdown is threatening us all & government is not taking the required action.

So, as citizens, when faced with a government that holds our future in contempt, we must Rebel.

Mental health problems affect everyone, but especially young people. The WHO has said that 1 in 5 adolescents may experience a mental health problem in any given year.
This is the kind of focus and compassion we need to help people struggling with their mental health in York.

#ClimateCrisis #Brexit #Austerity ?
Join the @GreenParty. Become a Green Party member today and you'll bejoining a community of people dedicated to creating social and environmental change. Click here to join the Green Party or renew your membership.

Time is running out to stop catastrophic #climatechange. Our leaders have let us down - but people worldwide are taking action, from community energy to #schoolstrikes. Join us & @friends_earth to demand that the UK Government takes urgent #climateaction.

2015 - Banned onshore wind projects
2015 - Scrapped warm homes standards
2016 - Shafted solar energy
2017 - Flogged off Green Investment Bank
2018 - Forced fracking on local communities
2019 - Refused to meet the climate strikers

That is this Government’s true record on climate.

York Green Party has quite a comprehensive manifesto for the #York local elections on 2 May for example on Mental Health. Please find our full manifesto here: #VoteGreen2019 #VoteGreen

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