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This is great news! We're certainly keen to work with @CityofYork, other organisations and individuals to make #York a fantastic place for pollinators.

Battle for clean air is sending our gardens to new heights - see these stunning examples of cities introducing vertical gardens in their streets @YorkGreens @YorkLibDems @YorkConservatives @labouryork

Exciting #RoadVerges news from York. @Love_plants delighted 2 be supporting @YorkGreens cllrs in their efforts to see verges better managed 4 wildflowers & wildlife @AndyDAgorne @denisecraghill @greenerlars @CarolineLucas @MollyMEP @sianberry @jon_bartley

@YNET4 @yorkyogastudio @YorkGreens @Love_plants yes i agree and my company who are based in york do green living roofs as well as wild flower, its fantastic for the wildlife and many more reasons

@CityofYork plans to plan for a #Pollinator Action Plan following a motion to Council by @YorkGreens last night. @Love_plants @YorksWildlife @ynuorg @StNicksFields @Buzz_dont_tweet

Thank you @MagicMagid, you make us proud! What kind of coward turns his back and boasts about arresting a lifesaver, someone who was saving a drowning child? Hear hear! 👏 We vote for courage & compassion. #GreenNewDeal

Me in The @Independent today: “The matter is no longer entirely in the police’s hands. If and when 10,000 people sit in a street and refuse to be moved, then what the police will ‘allow’ is neither here nor there.”

#ExtinctionRebellion #RebelForLife

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