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2 days ago

York Green Party

so furious.. so furious..

Green Party of England and Wales
⚠️ We have 12 years to prevent climate catastrophe.

🌍 Guess how many times the budget mentioned climate change?

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2 days ago

York Green Party

Caroline Lucas is speaking live shortly on facebook! 7.30pmAs Brexit descends further into chaos, the need for a People's Vote becomes clearer every day.

Tonight we're joining a huge rally calling for people to have a final say. Share if you're with us & want a People's Vote!

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To say the document setting out our future relationship with the EU is “sketchy” would be overly kind

It’s 6.5 pages long

A total of 2363 words

Or just 4 words for each of the 595 days of negotiation since Article 50 was triggered


We need to stop prioritising cars, and make people's health the priority. We need clean air in York NOW

Diesel pollution stunts children’s lung growth, London study shows https://t.co/C5v5RvaqVP

Incredible. @BristolCouncil declare climate emergency after @TheGreenParty cllr @carla_denyer's motion is passed. Brings forward carbon neutral target from 2050 to 2030. https://t.co/NLDx7totUS

Please sign the Petition to Increase funding to Children's Mental Health services https://t.co/6KnOzuca2K

Again a complete moral vacuum from the government
Foreign Office 'allowed Pakistan mob to dictate Asia Bibi asylum case'


Governments still so beholden to oil that subsidies for fossil fields have doubled. Wet are way off meeting our climate change targets

G20 nations still led by fossil fuel industry, climate report finds


Fracking in the Netherlands being abandoned because of the physical damage it is causing with hundreds of tiny earthquakes
Don't frack here


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