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9 hours ago

York Green Party

Simple but effective - City of York Council has money to promote clean air around schools - perhaps some signs like this would be a good idea??Last night we met up with York Environment Forum to discuss ways in which to engage the public with the No Idling Campaign. What would persuade you to switch off? More importantly - can you spare some time to come and help? Please share! ...

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So the future of our country is now to be stitched up by a handful of Tory MPs? This is not what democracy looks like. It’s time to let the people of Britain have a say with a #PeoplesVote on #Brexit

Radical vision would bring trams back to York @YorkGreens

Corrupt purchase of visas not ended as promised. Information not published, bit only available on demand. Home Office fails to suspend 'golden visa' scheme and fails on transparency.

To clarify for those asking why I don’t table a motion of No Confidence in this pitiful government myself - believe me, I’d love to!

But I’ve been advised *only* the official opposition is given parliamentary time for a debate & vote - that’s why we’re urging Labour to act

Next Tory leader, latest odds:

The one who lied on a bus 6-1
The one who lied about impact assessments 8-1
The one who lied to Parliament and resigned 10-1
The one who lied and didn’t resign 15-1
The one who destroyed the NHS 20-1
The one who didn’t know we were an island 8-1

And now at #Stansted15 @sianberry says what many are thinking: the people who should be in the dock are not these human rights defenders but the ministers who have constructed and implemented the #HostileEnvironment.

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