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4 days ago

York Green Party

Micklegate residents please do come along to discuss transport options around Bishophill / Priory St for Micklegate looking nicer as well ...

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2 weeks ago

York Green Party

Congratulations to Amy Elliot and Chloe Wilcox for being awarded 'Green Heros' status at National Conference! ...

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Ministers need to tell the truth about the #ClimateEmergency

The truth about what’s really been achieved so far
The truth about what still needs to be done
The truth about the need for far-reaching systemic change not just more targets

Me in debate on #ClimateEmergency

Side by side with @natalieben in Trafalgar Square yesterday. Watching her in Parliament today. A Green in the room or at the table, in the Town Square or Town Hall, in the House of Commons or House of Lords, changes everything.

🇬🇧 London, UK: Filmed moments ago #ClimateAction in the form of peaceful gathering at #TrafalgarSquare. I’m here. Really nice people all around me.

Voting is important, especially during this crucial time, and we're campaigning to get young people registered.

Support us by following our campaign, and let's get a million young people registered to vote! #YesIWillVote

.@metpoliceuk seem to have decided not to arrest the 2,500 XR supporters who have assembled in Trafalgar Square since 1:30pm to hear speeches and discuss what to do about the climate & ecological emergency. They did arrest GP leader @jon_bartley @GeorgeMonbiot & others though.

I know I should stop being shocked by just how dense Steve Barclay is, but to answer in Committee, on the record, "what makes this deal better than May's?" with "the fact we can get the votes for it", is a whole new level of light-bending density.

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