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1 day ago

York Green Party

After spending the afternoon of campaigning in #York for Tom Franklin our excellent candidate for York Central. Baroness Bennett of Manor Castle, the latest Green Party member of the House of Lords entertains our members with strange stories from the House of Lords, a place stuck in Victorian times. Updates us on her first introduced bill for the abolition of the House of Lords, but also shares with us her passion & support for the climate strikers.
"This is a moment of huge opportunity! This is the climate election, it is not because the Green Party makes it this way, but because it needs to be. This is the climate emergency! There is enough resources on this planet for everyone to have a decent life. We just need to take the actions and implement plans while we still have the time!"
"We know that when Greens are leading others are following, but we are running out of time and it is the time to vote more Greens in power! We cannot wait any longer for Green politics to trickle down into other parties manifestos!"
We need to vote Green on 12 December!
#VoteGreen2019 #VoteGreen

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3 days ago

York Green Party

Focus on power generation but not heating and transport?

Labour abandons climate change plan for net zero carbon emissions by 2030
Decision follows opposition from GMB union, which claimed a rapid timeframe would put jobs in jeopardy

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The Greens have become the first major party to pledge to introduce a solution to England’s social care crisis that has been devised by the disabled people’s movement.
#GeneralElection19 #IndependentLiving #NILSS
@jon_bartley @Sanders4Health @ROFAcampaign

Here's some of @jon_bartley's highlights from his barnstorming #AskTheLeader appearance last night!

Watch in full here:

Lack of any mention of electoral reform in the #LabourManifesto is a bitter disappointment to members & voters who know First Past the Post is hopelessly unfit for the 21st century.

We desperately need Proportional Representation, so all votes count equally & seats match votes.

❌1 in 4 black and Asian people are NOT registered to vote

⏳Deadline to register: Tue Nov 26, 11.59pm


If you're registered, please help friends & family to #RegisterToVote

#GE2019 #BlackVotesMatter #YourVoteMatters

@13setenergy56 @omnivorist @MollyMEP @marcpalmerdev @carla_denyer @VixL I am voting Green this time as Labour are far less popular with the Remain vote than in 2017. I tactically voted in 2017 and cannot believe the lack of opposition to Brexit. Now the latest softening on climate action reaffirms it for me.

You HAVE to watch this BBC Electioncast on the ⁦@TheGreenParty⁩ manifesto right now.

In a stunning 11 mins, the BBC correspondents sum up our ideas so incredibly well. I have never been more convinced to #VoteGreen2019!

Great to have @natalieben with us today in #York to campaign for @TomFranklin our Green candidate for York Central.
"When Greens are leading others are following, but we cannot wait any longer for Green politics to trickle down into other parties manifestos!"

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