Osborne’s Budget for the rich

George Osborne’s budget was a budget by millionaires and for millionaires.

While the rest of us are facing pension hikes, national insurance rises, service cuts and job losses, the Chancellor lowered the tax paid by corporations. This is a real kick in the teeth. As Green Party MP Caroline Lucas put it, the budget ‘means more unemployment, greater poverty, and decimated public services.’

Osborne deprived the new Green Investment Bank of any power it might have had by preventing it from raising funds. It is simply another example of ConDem greenwash.

Despite claims of being ‘the Greenest government ever’, the Tories also lowered fuel duty. Aside from being incompatible with tackling climate change, does Osborne really think that such a move is going to prevent petrol prices from spiralling out of control? The world has reached the peak of oil production, and rising world demand is going to mean that oil prices are only ever going in one direction – up.

The government needs to prepare for a world in which most people cannot afford petrol and in which transporting food halfway around the world is financially unsustainable. They need to invest massively in public transport, green jobs and local agriculture.

Owen Clayton, Young Greens Liaison Officer

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