Questioning the ‘community stadium’

I urge York residents to ask lots of questions about the proposed new retail development underpinning the latest Community Stadium proposals at Monks Cross, such as:

–          How many jobs and businesses will be lost in the city centre (and elsewhere) if this plan for an out-of-town retail development around two-thirds the size of the existing Monks Cross is approved?

–          How can this proposal, which is completely opposite to everything the city’s Development Plans say, be squared with James Alexander’s plans to ‘reinvigorate’ the city centre ? And indeed with Labour’s stated commitment to the ‘City Beautiful’ proposals, which say that any major retail development in the near future must consolidate the ‘central core’, for the city’s longer term prosperity?

–          How does the administration square the promotion of a massive new out-of-town development with its stated commitment to tackle traffic levels and reduce air pollution?

–          What are the prospects for the future of our local Development Plan if the first time it becomes inconvenient the Council is prepared to resort to dubious planning devices to override it?

Denise Craghill, Vice-chair, York Green Party

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