Lessons from the flood

September saw yet more intense rainfall and the highest floods in York since 2000. Properties along New Walk had to be sandbagged as river levels rose to over 5m above normal levels following over 60mm of rain in 48 hours. Access to Millennium Bridge was only possible from Maple Grove and flooding on the Rowntrees Park side cut Fishergate off from South Bank for two days.

Millennium Bridge is a well-used pedestrian and cycle route. Yet there was no mention of it on traffic reports – no indication of when it  became impassable and when it reopened – let alone any effort made to defend the route against flooding.

The wettest summer on record is part of a pattern of more extreme weather scientists predicted would result from climate change. Record summer melting of summer sea ice is another clear sign that governments and business have to take emergency action on cutting our CO2 output as well as preparing for the worst.

Green MP Caroline Lucas has backed EDM303 calling for emergency measures including creating one million green jobs within a year to start a crash programme of climate action.

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