For all its talk of ‘fairness’, Labour sure plays dirty

In the Council Budget meeting last night, Labour leader Cllr James Alexander referred to the work of their ‘Fairness Commission’. But Labour’s actions show that its words are hollow.

Forcing through privatisation of Elderly Persons Homes and other services using the smoke screen of a laudable ‘Living Wage’ to hide this attack on staff terms and conditions and the quality of care for our most vulnerable is deplorable. They behaved like public school boys in the council chamber, talking to amendments that have already been voted down and voting to refuse to extend the time for debate by 10 minutes for the third opposition amendment. It was despicable.

Officers spend considerable amounts of time preparing the various opposition amendments which each group used to highlight their alternative approach to managing the council in difficult times. All three proposals should have been heard before the vote was taken. Democracy is not served by trying to silence criticism from voices putting forward alternative approaches for the protection of council services and the creation of jobs as proposed in our budget amendment.

Cllr Andy D’Agorne

Read the speeches on the York Green Party website.

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