“TTIP Action Day” York – 30th August 2014

TTIP action day in York got the message over to plenty of people about the secret trade deal that would prevent future governments from reversing privatisation and allow multinationals to sue for repeal of laws that ‘hamper trade’ even if they are things like living wage or public safety.

Denise Craghill, Chair of the York Green Party, holding up a leaflet saying 'Power to the People' but with 'People' crossed out and replaced with 'Corporations'
Denise Craghill, Chair of York Green Party

38 Degrees, one of the UK’s biggest campaigning communities, organised this Day of Action on the 30th of September.

The Green Party is leading the fight against TTIP in the European Parliament.

TTIP stands for “Transatlantic Trade Investment Partnership”, which is a deal between the US and EU governments intended to reduce restrictions on trade between the two markets. That sounds like it might be a good thing – until you realise that the ‘restrictions’ being talked about are things like protections for workers and the environment, food safety regulations, and digital privacy. The TTIP would give American corporations the right to sue EU governments – including the UK – for laws that hurt their profits.

It would also mean that if foreign investors buy parts of the NHS in order to make a profit from them, we won’t be able to get them back, and that our government would be heavily impaired in its ability to control costs of things like medicines. It’s a corporate takeover of our remaining democratic rights!


For more information on TTIP:

38 Degrees: TTIP more information  is a 38 Degrees information round-up, with useful links from several different sources.

We also have a write-up of Green participation in another Day of Action on the 12th of July – on the York Green Party website.

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