Fishergate Councillor Andy D’Agorne calls for Congestion Commission for York

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Recent features on Copenhagen and Groningen and a proposed Congestion Commission are prompting York residents to think about how transport could be improved and congestion cut. Politicians and experts must listen to views of local people but also consider technical and behavioural factors. Judith Morris (York Press Letters page, Nov 3rd) claims that the ‘policies on cars’ are the main cause of delays. While I agree some signal phases could be reviewed, a commission would allow us to hear the evidence of what might be most cost effective ways to make transport easier for all.

Cheap effective public transport and safe attractive walking and cycling routes are vital tools for reducing traffic by providing sensible alternatives. Congestion pollution is also the responsibility of drivers, (including bus and HGV drivers) who could save fuel and money by switching off for the 2 -3 mins wait at peak time junction queues. Compared with money wasted on abortive transport measures and vanity projects, getting on with a long term cross-party review of transport options would be money well spent. Starting an open and accountable process with everyone able to contribute must be top priority, whether a small panel or one that includes both political representatives and experts.

Andy D’Agorne
Green Party Councillor for Fishergate

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