Cllr Andy D’Agorne’s submission to the Third Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP3) consultation

AndyD'Agorne4Details on the Air Quality Action Plan, and the measures contained within it, can be found on the City of York Council website here:

Cllr Andy D’Agorne submitted a response on behalf of York Green Party:

“We welcome measures to tackle the illegal levels of vehicle pollution affecting residents in York, and support efforts to raise awareness of individual actions that can help to reduce the number of premature deaths resulting from this. The overall pragmatic approach of targeting the most frequent bus services and introducing electric or hybrid vehicles on all park and ride routes is welcomed, but does not go far enough.

There should be a clear timetable for implementing progressively stricter limits on all services including the tour buses and those run by local operators (Measure 1). The ‘Clean air zone’ should not just apply to bus operators but have a timetable for including taxis and HGV’s linked to implementation of the relevant measures.

There should be a policy to require all school service transport contractors and major suppliers of council goods and service contracts to join the ‘Ecostars’ scheme and implement their own low emission strategy (Measure 3).

There should be a realistic timetable for a transition to 100% low emission fleet for all taxi operations within the proposed Clean Air Zone (Measure 7).

The ‘anti idling’ policy (Measure 2) should be strengthened to include signs on appropriate bus stops and legally enforceable penalties for infringement. The proposed approach is too weak. Given the fact that NO2 levels in Rougier St have now started to exceed the hourly average threshold as well as the annual average this is an urgent priority at this location.

The low emission strategy planning guidance (Measure 4) should give broader focus on contribution to sustainable transport rather than low emission infrastructure. Designing new developments to minimise the need to travel by car and to provide good access to off road greenways (walking and cycling routes) and frequent public transport is more important that provision of electric charging points!

Freight trans-shipment on low emission vehicles (Measure 8) must be shown to be deliverable within the local plan, with mechanisms included to ensure that relevant new developments are required to make use of such facilities.

Cllr Andy D’Agorne

Green Party”.

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