Micklegate candidate Mark Havercroft on the need for a Congestion Commission that consults all interested parties

MarkHavercroft5I wish to commend Tim Newcombe for his invitation for all political parties to contribute to the Congestion Commission in York.

As he stated, York Green Party has already accepted the invitation.

We have a number of ideas to contribute but we recognise that we do not have a monopoly.

The issue of congestion in York is too large and complex to be solved by tribal politics alone.

York needs ideas from all sides: car drivers, cyclists, pedestrians, bus users, taxi drivers, delivery drivers and residents, inside and outside of the city, business people, unemployed people, disabled and able-bodied, the young and the old.

With this in mind, may I echo Tim’s invitation to those on the sidelines to quit their sniping, forget where the invitation came from, and contribute to the debate. York deserves no less.

Mark Havercroft,
Green4Micklegate candidate for the local elections in May,
Farndale Street,

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