Don’t believe the Lib Dem budget illusions, says Cllr Andy D’Agorne

AndyD'Agorne4No one should suffer the Lib Dem illusion that their budget amendment would have magically reversed large-scale cuts in Labour’s budget, forced on them by the Lib Dem Coalition Government’s austerity programme.

Funding for the Lib Dem amendment would have come from irresponsibly slashing contingency and reserves, threatening unplanned in-year cuts to pay for unexpected pressures such as floods.

Cuts in waste services, including possible green bin charges, arise because of the cost of the incinerator – backed by the Lib Dems and steadfastly opposed over the years by the Greens. The Green amendment also rejected Lib Dem and Tory proposals attacking union representation for staff facing redundancy.

In response to C Kingsbury (Letters, March 7), low-emission vehicles already have lower Respark charges, thanks to a previous successful Green budget amendment. The 10p per hour increase in parking charges will not apply to residents with a Minster badge and is on a par with increases in local bus fares in the past year.

The proposed trial shuttle bus (popular in other towns) will help not only rail and hospital users but also link up the city centre with peripheral car parks – a boon for retailers, visitors and residents.

Cllr Andy D’Agorne
Green Party
Broadway West

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