Hoping for a better future? Then vote Green, urges York Outer candidate Ginnie Shaw

GinnieShaw2Maurice Vassie (Letters, March 11) gives sound advice to first-time voters.

Simultaneously, he seeks manifestos proposing a wholly public health service, subsided council housing, rent controls and a living wage, together with progressive taxation and measures to prevent tax evasion by global corporations and the super rich. He need to look no further than the Green Party General Election Manifesto 2015.

Our manifesto includes housing associations, cooperatives, co-housing and self-build in its commitment to build half a million new social rented homes by 2020 and pledges to end the Right to Buy as will happen in Scotland on August 11 next year. It also commits to make mental health a much higher priority, with resources to match.

To achieve better transport, we would return the railways to public ownership and introduce an immediate cut in fares of ten per cent , as well as increase investment in public transport generally.

There is also a range of policies to ensure a safe climate and other measures to promote a fair economy.

It’s time for all voters hoping for a better future, not only first timers, to vote for what they believe in – or they’ll never get what they want – and vote Green in May, for the common good.

Ginnie Shaw
Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for York Outer for the Green Party
Derwent Mews

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