Listen to local people in academies decision, urges Cllr. Dave Taylor


Cllr. Dave Taylor has called for the Governors of Millthorpe, Scarcroft and Knavesmire, the three York schools seeking to form a multi-academy trust, to seek the views of local people before pressing ahead with their plans.

Taylor said:

“It would seem highly undemocratic for the Governors of Millthorpe, together with those of Scarcroft and Knavesmire Primaries, to be able to convert the schools into a multi-academy trust if this is against the wishes of the parents of pupils at the schools and other concerned citizens in the area. This would be a major change and the Governors need to act democratically, presenting their case to the public and holding a formal ballot of the public’s views, and agreeing to abide by the results of that ballot. It is not acceptable to hold a consultation on this issue which doesn’t give citizens a right to vote.”

Those who wish to can submit their own views as part of the consultation here.

Join the Facebook group ‘South Bank Academies Proposal – We Ask For A Democratic Ballot To Decide’ here.

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