Cllr Andy D’Agorne’s plan for a ‘People’s Commission’ on traffic congestion

AndyD'Agorne2The Green Party proposal for a ‘People’s Commission’ on traffic congestion includes the following:

1.      A first stage in which key local information providers such as the two universities and the local media host a series of major public talks on different aspects of the issue – for example ‘Congestion & Health’, ‘Congestion and Business’, successful city transport models from elsewhere, a major city case-study etc. Evidence could include the existing local transport plan (LTP3) and the findings from previous city-wide consultations such as the councillor-led cross party Traffic Congestion Scrutiny (2006-2010) and the data from traffic flows during the Lendal Bridge trial. The aim would be to hear from experts about what could be possible in York, with plenty of opportunity for questions. This would also look at potential sources of funding and business benefits.

2.      An informed debate could then continue via feature articles, phone-ins, social media and discussions in neighbourhood groups/societies.

3.      This would be followed by a consultation period when suggestions can be fed in online, in the post, as well as from neighbourhood based and ward meetings, school-based and workplace debates etc .

4.      A City Conference involving as many people as possible might be hosted by the Universities, run at low cost with ‘events management’ student volunteers. This should involve some ‘experts’ and presentations of findings but focus mainly on discussion groups to come up with options for a way or ways forward.

5.      Finally, politicians will have to decide on what action to take, informed by the process that has taken place.

a.      We should take the time to do it properly, planning for most activity to take place in the Autumn with a clear timescale built in to allow the solutions to be reflected in the revised Local Plan,  Economic Strategy for York and council programmes.

b.      However, the Greens would like to see cross-party endorsement secured within nine months to allow implementation to start in 2016.

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