Removal of 20mph limits would be short-sighted, unnecessary, and a waste of money, argues Cllr Andy D’Agorne

SUGGESTIONS that the new administration might remove 20mph limits across York (The Press, July 8) show that they have learnt nothing from the Lendal Bridge saga.

The costs in terms of the advertising and legal procedures alone would be significant.

Cllr Ian Gillies doesn’t appear to have asked officers’ advice before suggesting it would be as simple as removing signs.

Expert advice from a Congestion Commission has been rejected as too expensive, at £150,000, despite the advantages this could offer in identifying objectively assessed measures to cut traffic.
Resurrecting debate on 20mph is merely a ploy to deflect attention from the urgent business of tackling congestion and dangerous levels of traffic pollution in York.

It’s time to move on and find solutions to make our city safe, attractive and sustainable for those who live, work or visit here, now and in future years.

Our reputation as a pedestrian and cycle-friendly city, in third place behind Oxford and Cambridge, depends on maintaining the momentum of the past decade in measures to cut traffic growth.
This is essential for efficient local bus services, low speed residential environments and continued growth in the proportion who cycle and walk to schools and workplaces.

(Cllr Andy D’Agorne 10th July 2015)


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