Get involved with the People’s Congestion Commission, urges Cllr D’Agorne

AndyD'Agorne2Your feature “Ten steps to tackle York gridlock” (The Press, October 21) was a thought-provoking start to the work of York’s People’s Congestion Commission, following the packed public meeting the previous evening.

I do hope that businesses, transport workers and residents groups will engage with this and help shape the recommendations.

In your feature, all the political representatives stated the need for further action, taking account of ideas of local people.

I am really hopeful that the commission can identify effective actions that can secure cross-party support.

Nothing should be ruled in or out, but we should agree a vision, perhaps like Oslo, which has just set an objective of a car free city centre by 2019.

That won’t mean no vehicles ever entering the area, but could mean only buses, cycles etc being able to traverse the central area.

Residents, people with disabilities, businesses, delivery drivers etc need access to premises but not the ability to drive right across the core footstreets area.

I hope the commission can agree on a vision and work with local people, experts and politicians to map out how we could achieve this.

You can still send your views to the commission at

Cllr Andy D’Agorne,
York Green Party

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