Members of Hull Road Ward Green Team spent an afternoon picking litter around Osbaldwick Beck in Tang Hall.


From left to right: Nicola Normandale, John Cossham & Catherine Thornton

The litter picking session was arranged by John Cossham, lead Green Party campaigner for Hull Road Ward.

John has lived in the area for 16 years. He said, “I love being outside on a summer’s evening with my friends, and it’s even better if you’re helping to make York an even more beautiful place to live by picking up litter so it can be recycled. I cannot understand why some people just drop their waste on the ground without a thought about who might have to pick it up. With government cuts meaning the Council may not be able to afford street and park cleaners, it will be volunteers like us who clean up after them. Fortunately, we really enjoy doing this.”

The six members of York Green Party found over 1,500 different items during their two-hour litter picking session last week, including 52 plastic bottles, and 60 aluminium cans. Among the more unusual things found were a plastic bag full of hair, and three oranges, which have now been eaten!

York Green Party will be arranging more litter picking expeditions this summer and if you fancy getting involved please contact the YGP office at, or find Hull Road Ward Green Team on Facebook.

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