Economic Miracle

Why are our schools, hospitals, libraries, police and even armed forces being starved of funds? Because the government wants to spend thousands of millions of pounds replacing the Trident nuclear missile system.

It is impossible to put an exact figure on the cost of this. Estimates vary widely and, like the original Trident system, the final cost will overshoot any official estimate so wildly as to render it meaningless.

The original Trident system has never been used. Is this surprising? No circumstances have ever arisen when it could have been used; nor could they possibly arise in the future.

The British Government considered whether to attack Syria but no one is suggested  we use nuclear weapons. Everyone agrees that would be utter madness, as it would have been in Iraq or Afghanistan. You can’t fight Al Qaida or IS with Nuclear bombs, neither could you contemplate taking on Russia or China. The truth is – you can’t fight anyone with nuclear bombs. So why do we have them?

We express our bewilderment at the situation in the USA where people are allowed to carry guns despite the appalling death toll this causes. To the rest of the world, and, to be fair, to many Americans, the argument that guns are needed to protect people from guns is sheer lunacy. So why is the same argument not used for nuclear weapons?

To seek protection from nuclear weapons by building nuclear weapons is not only lunacy but extremely expensive lunacy.

In the years after the Second World War, Germany, Italy and Japan very quickly regained prosperity. They called it the ‘Economic Miracle’. There was no miracle about it! The victorious Allies had forbidden these countries to spend money on arms, so, thus relieved of this burden, their standard of living rose dramatically – as could ours today if we stopped spending such a chunk of our GDP on these useless weapons.

Happily, you don’t have to lose a war to join this fortunate club. Most countries in the world do not possess nuclear weapons but they are no less secure as a result. Is Brasil vulnerable to attack because it doesn’t have a nuclear submarine fleet? Is Sweden? Costa Rica? New Zealand? Papua New Guinea? Do these people worry at night because they are unable to obliterate their neighbours? It seems the only ones worrying are ourselves. Will someone steal our uranium? Will someone bomb our bombs? Will the damn things go off by accident?

The non nuclear nations, even the poor ones, can at least spend what wealth they do have on things that benefit them.

Nuclear weapons have no positive effect on security, only a detrimental effect on prosperity.

It does not take courage to give up nuclear weapons. All it takes is common sense.

John Walford.

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