No Fracking Way – Benefit gig review

welcoming walkers
Welcoming the walkers

We had a great evening welcoming the cross-country walkers of the No Fracking Way on Wednesday 8th March at our benefit gig at Tramways Club, to show our complete opposition to fracking in North Yorkshire & indeed nationwide – we are the first political party to come out clearly against it (Labour have belatedly expressed opposition). We enjoyed home-cooked food, gorgeous songs & percussion from duet Lunabai, old school classics entertaining dancing people to the end and Hannah Davies’ brilliant spoken-word. We were able to send Frack Free Ryedale off with some funds for the cause too.

wholesome food
Hearty food prepared by Nicola, Denise, Rosie & Ginnie (and Tom who carried his couscous the first 25 miles!)
Foot spa Andrew
A well-deserved foot spa for our Regional campaign coordinator, Andrew Cooper

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