Greens gain in Local Elections 2018 !

A record-breaking 174 strong, independent voices across a record 67 councils in England & Wales.

Vote Green 2018

With what has been an impressive set of wins for the Greens, 39 Green councillors have been elected (a net gain of 8), and Greens have broken through onto an additional 6 councils across England. Our new councillors have taken a total of 10 seats from the Tories and 9 from Labour.

One of the most exciting results goes to Sheffield! Councillor Alison Teal has been re-elected with 1393 votes more than Labour, despite only an 8 vote majority in 2015. Alison is joined by new Green Councillors Kaltum Rivers and Martin Phipps. Some York activists went to support Sheffield in their campaign and we will be inviting them to help our campaign in return (but we need local members to show their support too!!)

Another fantastic success is the breakthrough onto Richmond-upon-Thames Council with four new Green Party councillors elected there. Another good example of how target to win works:-

Richmond upon Thames, vote share:

LDem: 46.7% (+19.9)

Con: 37.6% (-1.8)

Lab: 10.4% (-0.7)

Green: 4.5% (-8.2)

Seat results:

LDem: 39 (+24)

Con: 11 (-28)

Green: 4 (+4)

We LOST 8.2% of the votes, but we WON 4 Council seats. That is why under Fisrt Past The Post we need to concentrate our resources.

Greens results for Yorkshire & Humber

We lost a seat in Leeds and Bradford and won two new seats in Sheffield. With all their boundary changes it is quite hard to get a real comparison.

Sheffield: 1 defence, 2 gain

Kirklees: 1 hold

Leeds: 2 defence

Bradford: Hawarun Hussain loses her seat

Leeds: 1 loss (along with 2 holds)


We have broken onto Trafford Council in Altrincham with Cllrs Geraldine Coggins and Dan Jerrome.  We have almost tripled our representation in London and wonderfully, one of the co-leaders of the national party, Jonathan Bartley was elected to represent his community in Lambeth.

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