York’s Better Bus Fund money should support public transport say Green councillors

York Hospital

Recent proposals from York Bus Forum for a shared Hospital Taxi Service trial have been supported by Green Party councillors, who say it would be a better use of the current plans for spending £200,000 of York’s Better Bus Fund money on alterations to Wiggington Rd.

Group leader Cllr Andy D’Agorne has criticised the ‘abuse’ of public transport money on general road improvements and says “Initiatives such as York Bus Forum’s ‘hospibus’ proposal could have more impact on reducing congestion around the hospital than tinkering with kerb alignments and removing mini roundabouts, which were installed in recent years to reduce accidents.  Such a service would need detailed developing as a scheme, but this council funding could really get the ball rolling to benefit patients and relatives as well as local road users”

Guildhall councillor Denise Craghill said “In 2015 the Greens proposed a trial of a free shuttle bus serving the hospital which would have cost less than the council’s current proposal, which it claims could shave about 90 seconds off overall journey times in the area. Helping people to access the hospital by public transport is surely a more appropriate use of Better Bus Fund money”

She added “I share resident concerns about the proposed removal of the mini-roundabout at the Fountayne Street junction. Residents were hoping for a solution that would make it easier and safer to turn out onto the main road but this proposal seems to be doing the opposite. It is also questionable whether the tinkering with pedestrian crossing facilities at the Lowther Street junction will be any significant improvement. Modelling work is underway to consider ways of reducing the amount of traffic funnelled through the Groves residential area by the current layout of this junction. It seems a shame to spend this money on minor changes when further junction alterations could be under consideration in the near future.”

The consultation period runs until the end of August and Green councillors urge residents to respond to the consultation in support of this alternative way of spending the Better Bus Fund money.

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