Brexit – Open letter to Rachael Maskell MP

Labour Where are? Are you an opposition

Dear Rachael,

Along with nearly three quarters of a million people, I was
marching through London last Saturday to support the urgent call for a People’s
Vote on the final Brexit deal. I don’t know if you were there, (or stayed away
for fear of your party’s reaction to you appearing to support the call)?
 As someone like me who campaigned for us to stay within the EU and
representing a constituency where a clear majority voted to remain, I would
hope you will speak out within your party to demand that the people must have
the final say once the nature of the deal is known, something which will be
clearly quite different from what was promised at the referendum in June 2016.
For this to happen Parliament needs to act quickly and the main opposition
party has to make clear its position on the future relationship it wants to see
with our major trading partners.

Jeremy Corbyn keeps saying that Labour wants a General
Election, and has some clear manifesto pledges, some of which echo Green Party
pledges of recent years. But on the most crucial issue, how will a future
Labour government protect the Good Friday agreement, prevent a hard border and
maintain ‘frictionless trade’ with our EU partners? If we elect a Labour
government, will they give us a People’s Vote, keep us in a common customs
union, seek an extension to Article 50 or the ‘transition’ period while a
Labour led deal is negotiated? There seems little point demanding a general
election without the country being clear what a Labour Government would offer.

Time is running very short to avert some of the worst
possible consequences of the BREXIT situation, and I urge you to reassure your
constituents on these issues – perhaps you would be able to outline your
position, to be read out at the forthcoming People’s Vote March in York on Nov

I look forward to hearing from you very soon,

Yours sincerely

Andy D’Agorne

Green Group Leader, City of York Council

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