What is the Economy for?

“It was an excellent event
– Molly is one seriously smart cookie.” 

Molly Scott Cato presenting in York

This feedback from a supporter encapsulates how well appreciated and successful the York Green Party’s recent discussion event was in the bringing together of a leading expert in the field of Green Economics -Molly Scott-Cato MEP – our local party members and the wider York community.

The event was held at the well-resourced and comfortable venue of Clement’s Hall in one of our greenest wards, Micklegate, on Friday 2nd November. Thanks so much to Kate for running the bar on the night and welcoming us all. Thanks to Denise Craghill for persisting with inviting our special guest (we have been trying to catch Molly’s attention for a while now!) and for chairing the discussion so well. Thanks to Rosie for providing a Pay-As-You-Feel meal of sustainably sourced produce making the evening asocial, nourishing one, also allowing her to showcase an example of the offerings of her new social enterprise, Planet Food, coming soon!

Last but by no means least, thanks to all the over 60 attendees who made donations and asked so many thoughtful questions to which they received full, honest and innovative answers from Molly: aviation got the thumbs down,co-housing and babies got the thumbs up! To the inevitable question of”how do you keep going?”  – she claims she loves the variety of the job and her inner passion shines through for green values of fairness of quality of life for people and fairness to nature – aspects to be proud of and thankful for, to have her as such a trustworthy, invaluable MEP (‘long’ may she continue…?)

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