We need a road map to zero waste

Overflowing waste bin

read with interest the piece about the closure of the landfill site and the
role of Allerton Park in terms of waste processing. I have visited Allerton
Park. The most impressive aspect of the visit was the vast quantity of rubbish
that goes through the site. Maybe a compulsory visit to the site for all school
children (maybe early on in secondary school) would give them some insight into
the fallacy of ‘throwing things away’: there is no place called ‘away’. In the
case of York, it’s called Allerton Park and the smell alone would convince
anyone that there is something wrong about this level of waste.

has a contract with Allerton Park to provide a certain amount of waste for
processing. The plant depends on that and cannot operate efficiently without
it. So how does that provide an incentive for reducing waste?

And we shouldn’t forget that even though the amount of solid residue that arises from the process is much less in volume than landfill, it is still a solid residue and it is toxic. And that, too, has to be stored somewhere.

Martina Weitsch

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