Pothole misery threat to cyclists

Cllr Andy D’Agorne
Green Party, Fishergate ward

Residents of the Grange Garth area have presented a petition
calling for Grange St to be resurfaced.  This narrow terraced street
provides access to several hundred houses, yet the two lines of potholes
(pictured) just get longer month by month as another dollop of tarmac is added
to each new hole. The petition is due to be considered at a meeting on Mar 14th
but I have no doubt residents will be told there’s no money and it isn’t
a priority. The surface on the A19 Fulford Rd nearby is no better, and actually
more dangerous for cyclists as HGVs and buses thunder past cutting in before
the narrowing near the Light Horseman pub. Tarmac in the hole is a short term
fix, in many cases the roads are collapsing through weight of traffic and
shoddy work by utility companies and need more comprehensive attention.

Potholes in Grange Streeet

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