Greens set sights on more council seats

2019 candidates

York Green Party is putting forward 47 candidates (attached) covering every seat for the City of York Council elections on 2nd May. The party aims to increase its number of councillors from the four currently held across three wards of the city and increase its total share of the votes.

Greens say that any of York’s council wards could return a Green councillor this time as many voters are disillusioned with the main national parties and there could be some surprise wins outside the three wards where Greens have already been elected – Fishergate, Guildhall and Micklegate wards.

Green Group leader Andy D’Agorne who has represented Fishergate ward since
2003 says ‘Our candidates are standing on a positive vision to protect the environment whilst improving quality of life for York residents. Our manifesto includes bold policies to decrease traffic levels, invest in clean, affordable energy and warm homes, reduce waste, protect and improve green spaces and create green jobs, entirely in line with the ‘climate emergency’ declaration from all parties on the council last month. We look forward to sitting down with other parties in May to work out a radical plan to achieve this commitment.”

‘Green councillors stand up for the future of our planet and will always stand up for residents. We will always challenge the other parties when we think they are wrong and work together with other parties wherever possible for the good of the city.’

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