Climate strike

Letter from Unison and response from Andy D’Agorne

Dear Councillors and CMT

On 21 March 2019, Council passed a motion declaring a Climate Emergency

Since then, you may well be aware that there have been calls for a general Climate Strike on 20 September 2019, Our UNISON branch committee discussed this at our July meeting and resolved to do what we could to support this action.

We call on the City of York Council to walk the talk on climate emergency, and support solidarity with our young leaders for whom we hold our planet and environment in trust.

We therefore request that at 12 noon on the 20th September the Council sounds the fire alarm at West Offices and Hazel Court to signify an ’emergency alarm for the planet’. There will be a 30 minute evacuation to St Helen’s Square for all staff wishing to attend in person. We hope that The Lord Mayor will be available to speak and reaffirm the council’s motion declaring a ‘climate emergency’.



I hope that we can work with staff and unions to comply with this request in a safe manner so as to demonstrate that we do indeed take the threat to the climate very seriously. This event should serve as an opportunity to explain the reality of climate change and encourage all departments to explore how it is impacting on their area of work and how their service can respond to work towards our 2030 zero carbon target. The Executive discussion on the Climate change paper next week could provide an opportunity to announce the arrangements for this worldwide event.

Cllr Andy D’Agorne

Deputy Leader

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