Introducing Tom Franklin – the Green Party candidate for York Central

I have a long background in campaigning, I understand York and the local issues, and I will be an effective voice for York in Parliament. I have been active in countless environmental, peace and human rights campaigns including Extinction Rebellion and anti-fracking campaigns at Kirby Misperton.

The Green Party has pledged to invest £100 billion in climate action each year for a decade in what is the most ambitious Green New Deal of any political party. We have a plan to get to carbon neutrality by 2030 by building 100,000 energy-efficient homes each year, revolutionising transport infrastructure, rapidly rolling out renewable energy in Britain and creating hundreds of thousands of low carbon jobs.

The threat of Brexit hangs over our heads, the climate emergency rages from the Amazon to the Arctic, and our fragile democracy is under attack. But despite all this, Greens don’t fear the future. We know that we stand at the threshold of what could be the most exciting and prosperous period of British history.

This could be our last chance to elect a Parliament to keep us below dangerous warming – so on December 12th, Vote Green.

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