Call for our MPs to push for a Universal Basic Income

A letter from one of members to Julian Sturdy, calling for the implementation of a Universal Basic Income

Dear Julian Sturdy,

I am writing to you as a constituent.

The current pandemic crisis has demonstrated that our welfare system is not resilient in a crisis and has thrown many people into a financial crisis when they can least deal with it.

If there was a universal basic income – a monthly or weekly payment to every person in the country, irrespective of income – then the immediate problems with loss of income because of the sensible social distancing measures that had to be taken would have been significantly lessened. It would also have removed the need for DWP staff to suddenly deal with a massive increase in benefit claims at a time when they are already hard pressed to deal with their workload.

Universal Basic Income makes sense as a basic safety net for everyone at any time, but in a crisis such as this it makes even more sense.

There is an EDM on this subject which has already been signed by 90 MPs; please add your signature to it and lobby the government to consider seriously the introduction of such a scheme.

In Friendship

Martina Weitsch

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