City’s strengths at the heart of building back a better York

City of York Council has outlined a recovery process which use the strength and spirit shown throughout the coronavirus pandemic to build an even better York.

The council is developing a one year recovery strategy (The Recovery and Renewal Strategy), which will sit alongside a longer-term strategy for the city developed with partners across the city and the region. The strategy will take a public health approach that prioritises the health of residents and businesses, whilst focusing the on these three themes: city’s recovery while laying the foundations for York’s fairer, cleaner and greener future.

The council’s recovery plan will take a public health approach to protect residents and businesses while developing three themes:

  • Communities: The recovery will prioritise the health of residents and build on the incredible community response to the pandemic, including extending the successful community hub model and promoting more local self-support. The council will support schools, charities and the voluntary sector to work differently to incorporate social distancing.
  • Building an inclusive economy: York’s economic recovery is vital for the entire region. The council is using public health guidance to drive decisions about the economy, and is working with partners across the city to give businesses access to grants and support to adapt, whilst exploring changes to accommodate safe travel, working and leisure for residents to accelerate the city’s economic recovery. The council and partners will also support businesses to recruit additional staff when needed, while helping residents to adapt their skills and quickly return to work if their job has changed or been lost.
  • Funding and Council services: The council’s priority is restoring council services as and when it is safe to do so, changing the way they work if needed and supporting staff to adapt. The council will ensure it provides access to democracy and decision-making through remote meetings, and continue to make the case for York in light of the ongoing impact and needs of the city due to Coronavirus.

As part of this strategy, the Council will continue to work with city partners, local government and national bodies to lobby for funding, testing and tracing to ensure the local authority is in the best possible place to deliver these plans.

The recovery strategy will be considered at a remote meeting of the Executive meeting on June 25th, with residents encouraged to take part, after launching a city-wide consultation, Our Big Conversation. The consultation will engage with residents, businesses, community organisations, unions, schools and other partners in order to contribute to our plans through recovery.

Councillor Andy D’Agorne, Deputy Leader of City of York Council, said:

“We have to acknowledge that life in York will inevitably feel different. The way we shop, move around, learn and work will all have to change to help us live our lives, earn a living and keep each other safe and healthy.

“We know the future is uncertain so we’re making sure we have a flexible plan which allows us to learn, adapt and stay focussed on the health of residents.

“The recovery plan also reinforces our ambitions for a more inclusive, healthier and cleaner city for all our residents.

”What we can promise is that communities will be at the heart of our recovery and the decisions about the city’s future. We’re going to make sure that residents can take part in Our Big Conversation to help us understand the ongoing impact of the pandemic and shape a better future for York.

“in the meantime, we know that things are tough for the city. Please do not hesitate to look at what support is available to you. Residents can access information on everything from financial hardship support to protecting your mental health If you are struggling and have no one to support you, call our helpline immediately on 01904 551550.”

To help residents and businesses stay in touch with the latest developments, the council has developed regular newsletters. You can sign up at

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