Statement from Andy D’Agorne on dualling the ring road

Cllr Andy D’Agorne Executive member for Transport said “Residents and businesses have been calling for upgrades and dualling of the York Outer Ring Road for many years and we recognise the impact that congestion has on all users. These proposals (which the council has been developing over several years) give us an excellent opportunity to integrate sustainable travel infrastructure into this significant barrier to cycling. It could also help to reduce the number of car journeys currently taking routes through the city centre, allowing us to create a better environment within the ring road for people to walk and cycle.  By creating safe walking and cycling routes alongside and across the ring road, we will be able to provide more sustainable transport options for residents of the outer villages as well as options for those within the ring road to cycle out into the surrounding countryside. The Lib Dem/Green administration is committed to securing transport funding such as these funds and the Active Travel Funding recently announced for cycling. We will also be engaging with residents and businesses when we review our overall Local Transport Plan in the coming year, giving us the opportunity to deliver on Carbon Reduction commitments as well as respond to new travel demands envisaged by the draft Local Plan.

“This current consultation on the design proposals for the Outer Ring Road runs until (tomorrow/today Mon Nov 16th) and I would like to thank everyone who has submitted their comments, whether from residents, businesses or other organisations. Your feedback will allow us to consider how best to address issues raised before the final designs are produced.

There will also be a further opportunity for people to comment on these proposals, with a report expected to the Executive in early 2021 and then the submission of a planning application.” Full details of the current proposals are available on

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