York Greens Address Earth Overshoot Day 2021 Highlighting Positive Local Climate Action

Each year ‘Earth Overshoot Day’ marks the moment we have used up all our planet’s biological resources that it is capable of regenerating during the entire year. Beyond this point, humanity is unsustainably depleting resources that will not be renewed. Whilst we are currently using the equivalent resources of 1.7 Earths the team behind Earth Overshoot Day are clear about the need to #movethedate to meet climate targets and avert the worst of the ecological crisis.

This year Earth Overshoot Day falls on the 29th July, the same date that it did in 2019. The effects of the Covid-19 pandemic temporarily pushed the date to the 22nd August in 2020 before bouncing back this year. Whilst domestic air travel and road transport remains 5% below 2019 levels and international aviation is down 33%, demand for fossil fuels in the post-Covid push for economic recovery has increased.

Micklegate Green Councillor and Vice-Chair of the Council’s Climate Scrutiny Committee, Rosie Baker, said:

“Greens on the Council passed a motion in 2019 declaring a climate emergency. Two years later and we are continuing to work hard to meet our zero carbon by 2030 ambition so we can move the date and live within our planetary means. We will keep pushing for active travel, are working on improvements to waste and recycling systems, and have established a skills/employment board emphasising the real need for new green skills in our workforce.”

Guildhall Green Councillor Denise Craghill said:

“As part of my portfolio for Housing and Safer Neighbourhoods we have secured the commitment that all houses built by the Council will meet the carbon-neutral Passivhaus standard. Meanwhile we are working hard to retrofit existing houses to higher levels of energy efficiency. These measures minimise our impact on the planet and save residents money on their bills, ensuring they can enjoy a healthy environment and warm, comfortable, and affordable homes.” 

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