Letter on IPCC report

Today’s (9 August 2021) report from the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is the starkest warning yet from the world’s scientists that unprecedented and immediate action is needed to protect ourselves and our environment.

We are already seeing droughts, wildfires and flooding happening with increasing severity around the world. The science shows unequivocally that this is caused by human activity and that every fraction of a degree that global temperatures rise will make these crises more frequent and more devastating.

Everything we can do now to prioritise the health of our planet will pay dividends in the future. We need radical changes to how we travel, what we eat, what we manufacture and how much we consume. This will require real leadership from governments, councils and corporations to end our reliance on fossil fuels and to tell the truth about the emergency we all face. Targets and promises are not enough. We need to work together and take action now.

Tom Franklin

Chair, York Green Party

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