Rosie Baker highlights problems of food waste

To highlight the problems of food waste during York Environment Week, Rosie Baker supported by the team she manages at Planet Food Cafe & Store, did a demonstration of rescued-food cookery. One third of all food globally gets wasted whilst 870 million people go hungry and the founders of the “2 good to Go” food redistribution app reported at a national workshop on food loss which Rosie attended in August, that 70% of the British public are unaware of the connection between food waste and climate change*. Rosie, who is also working alongside York’s Climate Commission to develop ideas to increase the city’s capacity for rescuing and redistributing surplus food, has said –
“We all need to think more about how and where we shop so that we don’t buy food we don’t need. Try a 0-waste supermarket or community cafe! You can also make your own mind up about the ‘best before’ dates using the smell and look of the food; it is high time the government scrapped best before dates as a way of stopping food waste as they have nothing to do with the safety of the food.”
From her position as vice-chair of the council’s Climate Emergency committee, Rosie has consistently supported One Planet York in its efforts to remain a key coordinating network of business and 3rd sector organisations wishing to join together to tackle the climate emergency in York. Planet Food store and cafe which Rosie manages on a voluntary basis, were asked to take part in the recent environment week activities having just formally joined the One Planet York network.
This event took place in the demo-kitchen at York Food Festival on Friday 24th September. The volunteers who run Planet Food every Thursday at Southlands on Bishopthorpe Rd rescue on average 1 ton of food per month and serve approx. 70 customers a huge selection of groceries alongside home-cooked meals: all from food that would have otherwise been wasted.

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