York Green Party calls on local MP to do the right thing over Partygate

York Green Party Chair, Tom Franklin, has questioned local MP, Julian Sturdy, over his stance on the Partygate scandal following the publication of the update on the Gray report.

With Boris Johnson being accused of lying to Parliament over parties held in No.10 Downing Street while the country was in lockdown, the Green Party has said that it is past time for the Prime Minister to resign.

The Green Party’s Tom Franklin said, “Boris Johnson’s desperate attempts to cling onto power are making a mockery of our democracy. The vast majority of people now think he should resign because of his shameful behaviour, and yet our local MP, Julian Sturdy, has only called for the full report to be published (a call that York Green Party agrees with) but as yet has failed to call for Boris Johnson’s resignation.

“Boris Johnson’s failure of leadership is not only damaging trust in public health measures, but he is also allowing other very urgent issues that are spiralling out of control, including the cost of living, potential war in Ukraine, and the climate crisis.

“For the good of the country Johnson must go, and I find it deeply worrying that Julian Sturdy appears to be placing some misguided party loyalty ahead of the interests of York Outer and the nation.”

But the Green Party also warned that replacing Boris Johnson with another untrustworthy MP as Prime Minister would not solve the problem. Tom said,

“We should be under no illusion that just getting rid of Boris Johnson would fix the culture of hypocrisy and entitlement that has taken hold in our political system. I am worried that we will end up with another charlatan who places party before country.

“Whoever is our next Prime Minister should be subject to rigorous scrutiny. They should not, like Boris Johnson and his colleagues, apparently see no problem in lying to the public and to other MPs.” And they should immediately call a general election in order regain public trust


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