Solar for Schools in York

York Community Energy and City of York Council are working with Solar for Schools (SfS)to bring solar panels to York’s schools for free.

SfS is a social enterprise providing fully funded solar panels to reduce a school’s energy costs and emissions; a great way to combat the climate crisis and save some money in the process. Participating schools are sold the electricity they generate at a discounted price under a long-term, 25-year, agreement.

This not only reduces energy bills but can reduce exposure to rising energy costs. Installation, support, advice, and maintenance is covered by SfS. 

The Council’s Carbon Reduction team will provide support to schools wishing to participate in the programme.

Cllr Rosie Baker, vice-chair of the Climate Scrutiny Committee, said “Thanks to this initiative, Schools in York will have the opportunity to put solar panels on their buildings at no costs to themselves. Solar for Schools are helping schools reduce their emissions and energy costs at the same time, providing stability at a time when energy prices continue to rise. On top of this, these solar panels can be a powerful educational tool for students who have frequently taken a leading role in campaigning for action on the climate crisis. Now, York Green Party are calling for local students and staffs to encourage their schools to participate in this scheme.”

York Green Party are encouraging local students and staff to have their schools to contact to express their interest in participation.

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