Bus Service Improvement Plan – progress report

buses in York

  • We put together a successful Bus Service Improvement Plan (BSIP) submission. It is particularly notable as other areas – such as our Conservative neighbours in North Yorkshire and Labour South Yorkshire, were unsuccessful. We have worked against challenging timescales with local operators to develop proposals that will be critical to our post covid and zero carbon transport strategy.

  • There is no doubt that £17.36 million we have secured will help enormously to enhance and develop public transport across the city, working in partnership with operators building on two decades of work through the existing Quality Bus Partnership.  Our BSIP outlines a clear vision for the future of local bus services in the city, in that they must be inclusive, accessible, attractive, welcoming adapting to new travel patterns and expectations of local residents businesses and visitors.

  • To achieve this, the BSIP put’s forward a wide range of measures, including:

  • Improving the frequency of bus services by providing more routes and supporting the reintroduction of A59 park and ride services from Poppleton Bar following its use as a COVID-19 testing centre;
  • Better, cheaper tickets for young people;
  • Further roll out and upgrading of real time screens in surburban and village locations
  • Completing the electrification of a large part of York’s bus fleet, building on the 33 electric buses already operating in the city;

  • Upgrading York’s Park and Ride network, allowing it to support a wider range of bus services, providing overnight parking at more sites and refurbishing the two oldest sites at Rawcliffe Bar and Grimston Bar.

  • Tap on and off technology to speed boarding and allow multi operator day or weekly cap on fares.

  • Further priority measures that are identified as key to punctuality through the city centre bus study which we have commissioned.

  • As detailed in the report, the announcement on the funding was made earlier this month and now, to guarantee that funding, further information needs to be submitted to the Depart for Transport. We will work with operators and a wide range of stakeholders including passenger groups such as York Bus Forum to ensure all views are represented.

  • Further documentation needs to be provided to enable the Council to establish the statutory Enhanced Partnership with local bus operators – this Partnership will ultimately deliver the ambitions detailed in the BSIP.  Having prepared the draft plan and scheme in January, it is pleasing that this piece of work, subject to our agreement tonight, can progress to the consultation stage which was postponed when the DfT delayed the process earlier this year.

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