Green Policy Informs Award Winning Housing Delivery Programme in York

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“Creating far more than simply a sustainable home. Using community engagement, place shaping and a proactive learning style, the development will positively impact on new residents and the wider community. They aimed higher and created beautiful places which inspire.”

This is what the judges said in awarding City of York Council the 2022 Housing Award for its Housing Delivery Programme.

The Programme is delivering 600 new homes all built to the highest level of energy efficiency to ensure residents have comfortable homes that are cheaper to heat and don’t contribute to climate change.

The programme had already generated national attention when it was nominated for the prize and even before that when the first development of the programme went to planning the Guardian described it as ‘the UK’s most ambitious council-led housing programme in a generation’ (Guardian – Oct 2020).

The Executive Member for Housing, Green Councillor Denise Craghill, on receiving the award said:

“To win the Local Government Chronicle award for our progressive Housing programme is a huge credit to the work being done by our Housing Delivery Team. It is crucial for tackling climate change, future energy costs and energy security that new build homes are both energy efficient and support low carbon lifestyles in mutually supportive communities. The key role that our housing programme is playing in setting such standards has already been recognised by the United Nations and Friends of the Earth/Ashden and I really welcome this recognition as being the very best in Local Government in the UK.”

The programme will deliver these homes with a split of 20% social housing for rent; 40% shared ownership and 40% for sale. This ratio makes the developments affordable and shows how in future more homes for rent can be built to high standards.

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