Green campaigner, Carole Green petitions for the Number 11 bus to Bishopthorpe

Carla Denyer and Carole Green flagging down the No. 11 bus in York. Wildly sticking their arms our for dramatic effect

On Thursday 6 October 2022 Carole Green presented a petition to the City Council in support of keeping the number 11 bus to Bishopthorpe, which has been threatened with cuts. She said:

“I am bringing a petition from 1235 people who are very concerned about the future of the number 11 bus. I have checked through the forms to make sure there are no duplicates and everyone’s post code is along the route.

“Although the Covid funding saved it in August we have still to hear how it will be funded from March onwards.

“The concerns for this service are not just expressed by my fellow villagers at the end of the route.

“From South Bank, where bus services would finish should the 11 cease to run, there are groups who are massively affected.

  1. I am told by many of the people living at the Residence ( the former Terry’s chocolate factory) that they bought their apartments because they were promised a bus stop right outside to travel in both directions, and it affected the decision to move there.
  2. At Middlethorpe Hall the guests are encouraged to leave their cars in the car park there and use the bus into York so as not to further congest the city centre. This is a significant number of vehicles kept out of the city on a daily basis.
  3. Further along the route is the crematorium for the whole area – how can it exist without a regular bus service? Relatives from outside York attending funerals need a bus to the Crematorium. All non driving widows need the bus to visit on key anniversaries.
  4. Bishopthorpe itself has a large older retired population many of whom no longer use a car. The benefit that taking the bus into town gives for people living on their own cannot be overestimated in keeping the mental health of older people at a positive level.
  5. Older people in need of support get their visits from carers or relatives who use the bus service to get to them I have heard of many examples.
  6. Brunswick Organic Nursery – which gives employment to people with learning difficulties from all over York needs the trainees to be able to access it by bus.
  7. When collecting signatures in the street I discovered that several people who live in Naburn use the bus by crossing over the former Railway Bridge on the Sustrans track.

“I have tried to make sure that all the signatures are genuine residents or people who would be adversely affected by the loss of the service. To this end I have placed on top, all the forms where people have made comments either about why they could not manage without it or – in some cases with suggestions for ways to save money on the service.

“I do hope that someone will find the time to read through all these. Many of these residents understand that it is an economic decision but they hope that the very great need for a regular service will count for more.

“In conclusion – as I live in the Main Street and can count the number of people on the bus as it passes – I am reasonably convinced that the use of the bus has increased since the danger of losing it was brought to people’s attention.”

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