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We cannot comment on the allegations of sexual assault as we don't know the facts. However, we do believe that because of the reputational damage to the City of #York it would be appropriate to suspend his title while the allegations are investigated and any trials pursued.

Don't miss our meeting tomorrow evening and hear about how Ghent runs its transport system and how it compares with York! https://www.yorkbusforum.org/the-ghent-transport-system-and-its-mobility-plan/

A big thank you to all the campaigners who have highlighted the dangers of the #PolicingBill and done what they can to protect the right to protest. Here's an attempt at an explanation of today in the Lords. #ProtestIsNotACrime @TheGreenParty https://link.medium.com/ieVr4YRUSmb

@RachaelMaskell @CarolineLucas @YorkGreens @TheGreenParty Police already have more than enough powers. This is dog whistle Tory law prep for stiffling struggle for justice and the future of planet. https://twitter.com/GreenJennyJones/status/1482945126427242496

If you have nothing better to do for 90mins, why not watch the @greenpartywomen committee hustings?!
Voting, for those who are registered, ends 11.59pm Thursday 20 January.



Further questions are answered here:

.@CityofYork should reduce and eliminate the use of glyphosate sprays.


Green Councillors support low traffic neighbourhood


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