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3 days ago

York Green Party
Caroline Lucas asks if this budget address the climate and ecological emergency with anything approaching the ambition or urgency required? It does not. ...
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2 weeks ago

York Green Party
💚 Another #GreenWin for #York.🚗 The largest EV charging hub in the North of England.🌳 Providing a future proofed network for a greener city. ...
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The promise:

£350m a week for the NHS
An oven-ready deal for social care

The reality:

Pay cuts for nurses
No progress on social care

This is an illegitimate government that won power on the basis of #ToryLies

What an insult to all who put their lives on the line for others every single day - applause is not enough @theRCN⁩ #FairPayForNursing💙 https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-56285087

The impossibility of drawing up an exact map is no argument for abandoning the 2030 target for the UK.

Boris Johnson needs to get his skates on, and we all need to be pushing as hard as we can to deliver that message

#ClimateEmergency #ClimateAction https://twitter.com/BrightGrn/status/1367540352807231491

Green Party member tells council it needs to do better on recycling.


Who didn’t the Chancellor help in this budget? Families. Working people. Those looking for work. Small business. Large business. The NHS. Education. Carers. Social care. The environment. The green economy. Pensioners. But the rich were lot off tax rises. So that’s alright then.

#Sunak has failed to use the 'defence' budget to defend us from #Covid, poverty and climate chaos.
The Peace Pledge Union's response to #Budget2021: https://www.ppu.org.uk/news/sunak-misses-chance-use-defence-budget-defend-us-covid.

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