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You can't just "make Brexit work", @Keir_Starmer, when it’s clearly doing such damage

Pretending #Brexit can be positive is dishonest, plays into hands of Govt & undermines national interest

Instead, admit this is about damage limitation - don’t falsely claim to “make it work”

🚍 Bus Services and trains have been slashed under this government

🗣️ They want to blame everyone but themselves: Bus companies, drivers, passengers etc

💰 If they invested in #PublicTransporr a % of what they do road building there wouldnt be a problem


How often do you hear “speed was not a factor” in a crash? They mean the driver wasn’t exceeding the (probably too high) speed limit. Remember, when it comes to the likelihood that vehicle crashes will occur, & whether the consequences are deadly or not, SPEED IS ALWAYS A FACTOR.

Solidarity with those out on the streets making sure the far right don't think they represent our city of sanctuary. (Sorry for pulling a sickie guys) #RefugeesWelcome https://twitter.com/YorkGreens/status/1543214065228578816

The anti fascist demo in York is much the larger and noisier. #RefugeesWelcome
Say it loud, say it clear refugees are welcome here

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