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2 days ago

York Green Party

So many self employed people have been left desperate and destitute because they are #excluded from government support during the coronavirus crisis.

Caroline Lucas speaking in the debate calling for the government to admit it made a mistake and support the 3million self-employed who didn't recieve any form of support.

Find out more >> www.carolinelucas.com/latest/standing-up-for-the-self-employed

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3 days ago

York Green Party

A big congratulations to the Green Party in Münster, our twin city in Germany who secured a historical election result.

GRÜNE Münster secured an amazing 30% of the vote in the local elections at the weekend.

Find out more 👉 ow.ly/QXJe50BtMlW

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3 days ago

York Green Party

Caroline Lucas nails this 👇

The Tories have continuously failed to tackle this pandemic.

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3 days ago

York Green Party

Car-dominated cities are a choice

Making our cities safer for cyclists and pedestrians isn't going to happen overnight. 🚲🚶‍♀️

But it is possible.

This is Utrecht in the Netherlands where the Council removed an old motorway and restored a historic canal.

Existing roads have been improved to include segregated cycle lanes and safer crossing places for pedestrians.

On what was the land next to the motorway, people can now sit on the grass on the reconstructed bank of the reconstructed canal. 💚

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This is a really important point that deserves repeating. The difficulties we are facing today reflect the damage caused by a decade of austerity, brutal cuts to public services, poor working conditions & inadequate safety net. All these contribute to our high death rate. https://twitter.com/martinmckee/status/1307372789763108866

Thousands of asylum seekers at risk of being made homeless after ⁦@ukhomeoffice⁩ announce lifting of ban on asylum evictions “with immediate effect”. This, in the middle of a pandemic & as we face an “inevitable” second spike. Absolutely shameful. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/asylum-seekers-evictions-home-office-coronavirus-second-wave-b486062.html

Hospitals told not to test staff or patients for Covid-19

‘DHSC has capped funding for testing in NHS even though lack of tests has left hospital doctors, nurses forced to stay at home’

Putting lives at risk to hide failure of corporate testing system?


@clrandrewcooper - the Green Party candidate for #WestYorkshire Mayor responds to the latest #locallockdown restrictions on parts of #Yorkshire

"This Hokey Cokey method of taking some areas in and out of local lockdowns is not working."

More here 👇


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Most women remanded into custody do not go on to receive a custodial sentence. This is particularly the case for Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic women who are more likely to experience remand. We support @TheHowardLeague campaign to end the use of remand for women. https://twitter.com/francescrook/status/1306946242656841728

Better Is Possible.

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