Clean Air Zone for York

Clean Air Day - Rougier St

The council is proposing to introduce a Clean Air Zone (CAZ), for which Green4Micklegate campaigner Rosie, collected over 600 signatures in her petition last year. This will require that any individual bus operating on a public local bus service entering the Clean Air Zone five or more times per day must be at least ultra low emission bus standard. All park and ride buses are due to become electric powered during 2019 after pressure from the Greens to ensure this was in the contract.

The public’s survey went live on Clean Air Day and you can find it here. Or ask for a paper copy at West Offices.

Ultra low emission buses (ULEBs) are those that have no exhaust emissions (e.g. electric buses) or have significantly reduced pollution emissions such as Euro 6 diesel buses, gas powered and electric hybrid buses.

Here is York Green Party’s response:

“The Clean Air Zone as proposed should be extended to all buses by 2023 and a separate proposal brought forward for a charging clean air zone applicable to HGV’s light vans. This should be in tandem with financing a freight transhipment centre and LPG refuelling station as envisaged in the current Low Emission Strategy. This needs to be worked up to be included in the revised local transport strategy LTP4 from 2019- 2023. CYC also needs to speed up implementation of all other elements of the 2012 Low Emission Strategy including year round education programmes on active travel, anti idling etc. Given the planned expansion within the Local Plan far greater efforts will be needed to secure modal shift to walking cycling and public transport in order to prevent increased traffic undoing the health benefits of these measures.”

by Fishergate councillor, Andy D’Agorne