Denise Craghill

Denise craghill

I qualified as a librarian and worked in local government in Sheffield including running a specialist library in the economic development department and later on liaison work with the voluntary and community sector. I worked briefly in York libraries before becoming a fundraiser and events organiser for the Yorkshire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). This included organising the Day of Dance at Saltaire for over ten years.

Originally from the Lake District, I have lived in York since 2000. I became a member of the Green Party in 1990 and have campaigned on a wide range of local and global issues, always believing in the power of individuals working together to make a difference.

I have been a member of Fulford Parish Council for four years, chaired the Council of management at York Steiner School for 5 years and was a governor at Fulford School for a 4 year term.

Since my election for Guildhall ward in May 2015, I have concentrated mostly on being a councillor, supporting local residents and working on issues relevant to the ward. I have been a member of the committee of the Groves Association and worked very hard to support residents in getting the new Walmgate Community Association established. I chair the Friends of New Walk. and am currently (up to April 2019) a member of the Area Planning Committee and the Health and Well Being Board. I was previously a member of the Health and Social Care Scrutiny Committee and chaired the Learning and Culture Policy and Scrutiny Committee for a year. I have brought successful motions to Full Council calling for further action to tackle homelessness and food poverty in York and have taken part in task groups looking at play facilities, public health spending and the sudden closure of Bootham Park Mental Health Hospital.

I live in Fishergate ward with my partner and Fishergate councillor, Andy D’Agorne and have one grown up daughter. I recently turned my small south-facing front garden over to vegetable growing, which has made me feel even more a part of York’s expanding edible growing culture – and led to lots of interesting conversations with passers -by!

I have loved being a councillor for Guildhall ward for the last 3 – 4 years. I’ve learned a lot and would really like the opportunity to build on this over the next 4 years. Working with residents to make things happen is a highlight of the job.

June Trammer

Clean Air Day poster in Gillygate

I have been a member of the Green Party since 2007 but was a local supporter for many years before that (1996). I have lived in York for most of my life since 1972 and have strong family ties to the city, in particular Guildhall and Micklegate wards. My grandfather was born in Guildhall in 1903 and I have a lot of affection for this area of York in particular. I hear a lot of people who are disillusioned with politics and politicians and I want to show them that they don’t have to give up hope.

I am an enthusiastic networker: having been a member for several years of the York Environment Forum, The Mental Health Forum, Mental Health Action York, One Planet York and the Carers Forum, Indie York, and more recently the Fossgate Traders and the Walmgate Community Association. My business has been health care for the past 30+ years and I am passionate about making complementary health care accessible to all of York’s citizens, working alongside the NHS medical services, which need protecting and safeguarding for everyone’s future health. Living just on the edge of Guildhall (in Fishergate) my business is in Guildhall. I am very concerned about the increasing litter on our streets and the neglected and un-loved shops in the city centre. It is a crying shame that there are buildings that could be used for small local businesses stood empty, demanding exorbitantly high rents and impossible rates bills. We could have vibrant streets full of independent traders in crafts, arts, and services, and a family – friendly market and city centre to make a contrast to the pubs, cafes and hotels.

It would be a privilege to be able to represent and work for the people and businesses of Guildhall on City of York Council, bringing more Green perspective to the discussions and debates, working as collaboratively as possible with members from the other parties. However much the other parties try to look green, there is only one truly Green Party

Danni Makin

I am 22 years old and was born and raised in York. I have lived in the Huntington area for 10 years, so although I don’t quite live in the ward I am not far away, and I have travelled through the northern part of the ward for work and study for several years.

I am currently studying for a Masters in International Business Management at York St John University. I also work as an Assistant Store Manager in York city centre, so I am familiar with many of the issues there at the moment such as the increasing number of vacant shops on Coney Street.

I joined the Green Party in April 2017 mainly because of its policies on the environment and human rights. I believe the Greens are the only party who always stand up for their principles whatever happens and will always speak up for everyone young and old to ensure a good future for all.

I believe it is crucial that we keep a Green Voice on the Council and elect more Green councillors. Greens ask the difficult questions and challenge the other parties to do better. They will always speak up for our precious environment and for a more equal society.

For me the most important issues are the number of vacant shops in the city centre and the safety of students in the city centre. I believe it is very important to support independent businesses in the city centre to boost the economy, while providing a safe environment for young people. I am also concerned about the high air pollution levels in the city centre and believe we need more trees and improvements to public transport.#Nationally, I think the most important issues are limiting the negative impacts of Brexit by protecting funding for local councils and the NHS, fighting to reverse the growing wealth inequality, and helping people to get out of poverty.

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