Andreas Heinemeyer

Andreas heinemeyer

Dr Andreas Heinemeyer (47) has long had a keen interesting in green policy issues. Since 1998 he has worked at the University of York on environmental and climate science, and is based at the Stockholm Environment Institute, one of the world’s leading environmental think tanks. He also has experience of working with the Green Party in Germany.

Andreas lives in Holgate with his wife Catherine and three young boys. In his spare time he works in his fruit garden and allotment and loves strolling though the countryside. He also enjoys good food and ale and a wide range of music. He plays his trombone in the York Railway Institute Golden Rail Band and also loves to play and listen to classical music and jazz.

Andreas feels strongly about the ever increasing number of empty shops in York and, if elected, will support York’s community of independent shops and oppose out of town shopping centres. Andreas’ other policy commitments are to secure a more equal society and to ensure the provision and improvement of public services such as libraries, childrens’ activities and affordable bus services in York and will seek to promote programmes towards building York’s Future through attracting ‘Green Jobs’ to the city.

“We have a unique city and as such have all the means necessary to attract new business to York, whilst this is important, it is qually necessary to think in the long-term and ensure such new jobs are green and environmentally friendly. We are already leading as a cycle friendly city; it is time we go further!”

Andreas has close links to Europe and would provide a direct link to our twin-town Muenster in Germany. This link will provide inspiration on how to improve envionmental, social and econimic situations in York.

Andreas says: “Only the Green Party has the policies to achieve the much-needed changes in our communities such as affordable public transport and a cleaner environment. Other parties focus too heavily on the economy and this is starting to backfire on us. If elected I will campaign on issues affecting our quality of life and that of our children. We have heard enough unfulfilled green promises from the other parties over too many years. The time to act and vote GREEN is now.”

Pam Hanley

I have lived in Holgate since 2009 and work at the University of York. I have been a member of the Green Party since the early 1980s, when I was originally attracted by the environmental aspect of its message. Since then, I have realised it is a three-dimensional party with a full slate of thoughtful policies which consider the long term. An educational researcher by profession, I am particularly passionate about the right to free and effective education for all children regardless of their personal circumstances. In my spare time, I enjoy badminton, yoga, singing, dog walking and taking part in some of York’s many other varied activities. I am a member of York Fair Trade Forum and Friends of Hob Moor.

Caleb Wooding

Caleb Wooding

I’ve lived in York for 10 years as a busker, student, and social researcher, and now work for a small charity. I’m married and have a 1-year old toddler, and spend most weekends at West Bank Park or trying to do up our rickety old Holgate house. I joined the Green Party as a student and have stuck with them for 8 years, because I believe we have an inspiring vision of what society can and should become, and the right policies to get us there.