A fair and affordable city for everyone

A place to live – housing for all

We will prioritise the provision of a range of different types of genuinely affordable housing including as much affordable rented accommodation as possible. We won’t rely on developers alone to deliver what is needed.

We will:

  • Direct build as much social housing as possible (as a Council or in partnership with social housing providers), taking forward the sites in the current Housing Delivery Programme and identifying more sites to expand the programme.
  • Revisit the notion of a Council Housing Company abandoned by the current administration, as this will provide the potential for longer term income and further on-going investment in more homes for shared ownership and affordable rent.
  • Undertake a feasibility study into issuing Local Housing Bonds to provide additional capital investment for the affordable homes programme, as well as supporting the expansion of other innovative housing models such as self-build and co-housing.
  • Aim to deliver 40% mixed tenure affordable housing through the planning system on as many of the Local Plan sites as possible, including York Central. We will take legal challenges when we believe developers are unjustifiably proposing lower percentages than are feasible.
  • Require restrictive covenants on all Council built homes to prevent their use as holiday homes and investigate the use of either supplementary planning guidance or Neighbourhood Plans (including for York Central) to ensure that all new housing is used as a main residence rather than for holiday lets or second homes.
  • Require zero carbon or Passivhaus building standards on all new development sites through supplementary planning guidance in the Local Plan. Passivhaus provides warm, well-ventilated, affordable to live in homes with very low energy bills.
  • Increase the supply of emergency and temporary accommodation for homeless people in York and develop a plan to make ‘Housing First’ provision, with appropriate support, available to everyone who could benefit from it.
  • Look again at the homes above shops initiative for the city centre – a recent study concluded up to 1,500 could be housed above shops in the city centre.
  • Review the Council’s current policy on licensing private Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs) to include higher standards of accommodation and improved enforcement.

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