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Children, young people and families – improving support

Many services for children, young people and families have suffered badly under successive Government cuts. We will do everything possible to protect and improve these services.

We will:

  • Support a wide range of high-quality childcare choices for families.
  • Invest in providing better play facilities for children and young people throughout the city. Play areas should be close to where people live. We will work with local residents to develop new play areas where there are gaps (including a city centre playground), as well as improving existing ones. We will encourage informal as well as formal play.
  • Work to ensure that the ‘Healthy Child Service’ (health visitors and school nurses) is as well-resourced as possible. Despite some increase in the number of visits by health visitors, we still need to do better to improve these vital ‘early intervention’ services.
  • Review the down-grading of 6 of our 9 Children’s Centres. New ‘Local Area Teams’ to support families and young people have had some success, but we want to ensure that families in all parts of the city can get the support they need.
  • Young people’s services have been badly cut. We will work with young people, including York Youth Council, to develop more facilities for teenagers and young people including more after school clubs and activities. We will seek to appoint Youth and Community Workers to support young people in their communities.
  • Extend school mental health support services for children and young people.

Sand Pit Play

Child transport

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