A smart, healthy city – fit for the future

Community wealth building – buying local, valuing local assets

Local Councils still have a lot of buying power, which they can use to promote environmental sustainability and economic and social benefits. They can use existing assets (such as land and buildings) in similar ways to benefit residents, safeguard the city’s heritage and provide better services.

We will:

  • Build on the ‘Social Value Policy’ the Council approved in Dec. 2018 to develop an effective Sustainable Procurement Policy. All Council contracts with suppliers will be assessed for their contribution towards improving York’s environmental sustainability and social and economic resilience. This will prioritise local and regional purchasing, minimise long distance transport, waste and energy use and promote a strong local economy, good local jobs, working conditions and community benefit.
  • Ensure that the policy is actively enforced throughout all the Council’s departments and purchasing systems.
  • Work to encourage a similar approach by other local organisations and businesses. This is a community wealth building approach to creating good quality local jobs, keeping money in the local economy whilst reducing environmental impact.
  • Review and develop the Council’s current strategy on how to manage its land and property (Asset Management Strategy). Before any decision is taken to sell off Council land or buildings, the value to the local community and York residents of retaining the assets must be fully taken into account. The maximum capital receipt should not necessarily be the first priority when weighed against community value.
  • Ensure the policy is applied throughout the Council and is also considered where the Council has a stake of any kind in a building or asset but not sole ownership, for example a restrictive covenant.

Love York

Bishy Road Party

A City Centre for Residents

The future of our city centre is a very important issue in the face of increased internet shopping, high business rates and other pressures – combined with concerns about York’s tourism success leading to an imbalance of bars and drinking establishments, too many hen and stag parties and anti-social behaviour that is keeping residents out of the centre. Guildhall Green councillor, Denise Craghill, is pushing for a City Centre Summit to pull together everyone involved in the city centre. We will keep on pushing for this to build on existing initiatives from city partners such as the recent proposal for a York Loyalty Scheme but also to include the ideas and talents of York residents – both those who live in the centre and those who live further afield but love our very special city centre.