A fair and affordable city for everyone

Culture and the arts – access for all

The Green Party believe that access to the arts for everyone is a crucial part of a healthy society. Participation in art and culture can contribute to better physical and mental health, challenge assumptions and help us understand difficult issues, as well as making a big contribution to our local economy. York benefits from a wide range of cultural venues but these are not always accessible to people on low incomes.

We will:

  • Support creative partnerships such as York@Large and the Guild of Media Arts.
  • Prioritise ways of making art and culture in York more accessible to people on low incomes and to York residents in general. Work with partners to extend and better publicise free and very cheap entry to as many venues and events as possible.
  • Increase awareness and access to York’s vibrant community arts scene for residents in all our communities and neighbourhoods.
  • Support initiatives to develop jobs in the arts and creative industries in York.

outdoor art gallery

York St John - Tree of lights