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Health – protecting our NHS, prevention for the future

We will stand up for our wonderful National Health Service (NHS) to be kept available to all those in York who need it, free at the point of delivery. Private profit should not play a part in our health services and all but the most specialist services should be available as close as possible to where people live – without the need to travel long distances.

We will:

  • Work with partners to reduce hospital waiting times and put consistent and easy access to GP services at the heart of our local health system.
  • Invest in preventative health directly wherever possible and also through many of our other policies which support a healthier environment. Clean air, good healthy food, cheap clean energy, warm well insulated homes, efficient affordable public transport and active lifestyles such as walking, cycling and sports all contribute to better health.
  • Support the ‘Health in All Policies’ approach approved by the Council Executive in June 2017 and work with all Council departments and other organisations in the city to make this a reality. For example, the provision of better public toilets in York is a public health issue.
  • Aim to restore funding to substance abuse services in York. These services (to reduce dependence on drugs and alcohol) have suffered from budget cuts and are not functioning as well as they should, which impacts both on service users, including a high percentage of homeless people, and the general public through increased anti-social behaviour.
  • Prioritise improvements to mental health services in York. We will focus on reducing waiting times for both assessment and treatment including the unacceptable long waits for talking therapies and autism diagnosis – patients with broken limbs are not expected to wait up to a year before receiving necessary treatment!
  • Appoint a full-time, paid, independent Mental Health Champion for York with a remit to consult widely with service users and the general public, to identify clearly where services are failing to meet needs and to recommend improvements to the new Mental Health Partnership Board. There seems to be a huge gap between the numerous strategies and new initiatives and the lived experience of people desperately seeking support.
  • Keep a focus on student health including adequate GP provision, mental health services and the potential for more preventative health initiatives.

Save the NHS demo with strong Green party presence

Toilet Rowntree Park

Bicycle Ambulance

York Hospital front entrance

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