A fair and affordable city for everyone

A place to work – a fairer and resilient local economy

York is seen as a relatively affluent city, but a recent report recorded a £65.00 drop in the average weekly wage in 2017/18, putting us amongst the 10 cities with the lowest average weekly workplace earnings in the country. Whilst unemployment is low, many people have several part-time jobs or work zero hours contracts in order to live. Some areas of our city are amongst the most deprived in the country. The gender pay gap (the difference between the average pay for men and women) is higher than average and growing in York.

We will:

  • Re-establish a city-wide, transparent and publicly accountable Economic Partnership Board to deliver a revised Sustainable Economic Strategy to achieve greater equality, better paid jobs and environmental sustainability.
  • Work pro-actively to enable as many employers as possible to commit to the Real Living Wage for all their employees, including young people under 25.
  • Promote investment in the green industries of the future, particularly on the York Central site (renewables, smart energy storage, public transport, environmental and new materials technologies) to provide well paid jobs for York residents.
  • Work with partners to attract a wide range of other types of sustainable employment to York including the creative industries, artisanal and heritage jobs, office-based work and science based and skilled manufacturing jobs.
  • Work with traditional low paid sectors such as care work and hospitality (big employers in York’s economy) to explore ways of driving up pay levels.
  • Actively encourage the development of local procurement networks and supply chains which drive up standards, reduce transport and help to keep money in the local economy.
  • Improve support to business start-ups and SMEs and encourage the development of affordable business networking spaces in the city, including the use of Council owned properties such as the Guildhall development.
  • Actively support York’s independent businesses including local traders’ associations and Indie York (the association for York’s independent shops and small businesses).
  • Support the campaign for reform of the business rates system.
  • Ensure that the Council’s power to award discretionary business rates relief is actively used to support new start-ups and promote positive employment practices.
  • Actively support the new economy – time banks, skill swaps, Pay As You Feel, a local currency, tool sharing and re-use networks, social enterprises and cooperatives – with training, skills sharing, networking and seed-corn funding.
  • Invest in local shopping parades outside of the city centre shopping areas.

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