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Food – healthy, local and affordable

Strangely food is often not regarded as a political issue in the country, yet it is obviously fundamental to our lives, our health and our well-being. Getting food into our shops and onto our tables accounts for 20 – 30% of global climate change emissions. Food poverty is also, very sadly, a growing problem in York as elsewhere in the UK, with York Foodbank handing out 3,379 emergency 3-day food parcels last year and experts estimating there are 17 times more people living in food poverty than actually get to food banks.

We will:

  • Follow through actions from the Green Party’s Council motion to tackle Food Poverty in York, working to maximise incomes for the least well-off and to make healthy food available to all residents in all parts of the city.
  • Work actively with Good Food York and York Food Poverty Alliance, businesses, schools, voluntary and community groups and residents to grow and expand York’s thriving local food culture so that everyone in the city can benefit from it.
  • Support and expand Farmers’ Markets including looking at ways to make markets more frequent, more focused on local food products and more affordable for people on low incomes. Enable markets to take place in district and neighbourhood centres.
  • Support initiatives to promote edible growing – in public beds, gardens, allotments and working with schools and young people – this not only encourages local food production but is a huge “win-win” for active communities and tackling isolation.
  • Look again at how the Council can actively support the development and use of allotments in the city, working with York Allotments CIO, parish councils, independent allotment associations, allotment holders and residents.
  • Develop a Sustainable Procurement Policy for the Council and as a model for partner organisations, prioritising local food purchasing and support for local and regional supply chains including local producers and farmers.
  • Explore and support initiatives to encourage everyone to eat less meat. Meat production is one of the biggest contributors to climate change and rainforest/habitat destruction. Eating less meat also means a much healthier diet.

Rosie Baker waste food kitchen

Marrow - edible York