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Green Party York Outer nominee

Lars Kramm

Lars Kramm is a trained lawyer, specialising in environmental and European law. He has been a member of his native German Green Party for 15 years, serving in different functions including as a Green Councillor for five years on his hometown’s city council. He has worked as a researcher and lecturer and was an NGO delegate at the Doha international climate change conference in 2012. He works currently as a manager for a York based retail company.

Lars says: “Micklegate has for years been a centre of Green activities and it is an area that means a great deal to me. I am very grateful for the trust that the residents of Micklegate placed in me and I am very happy, but the hard work to meet the expectations as a ward councillor has now started. In our political rainbow ward it is essential to work together and have all residents in mind, not just the ones that voted for us”.


I am so crazy happy. My wonderful favourite colleague. So much love!

#GreenWave #EP2019


@alexforeurope is elected in @CarolineLucas and @GreenKeithMEP's old seat 👏👏👏 #EuropeanElectionResults

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Congratulations to the fantastic @catherinerowett who outpolled the Tories and Labour! 💪

No doubt you'll do the Eastern Region proud in Brussels ☺️#EuropeanElectionResults #GreenWave

A third seat for the Greens!!! 🍾

A week ago winning in the West Midlands would have been unthinkable.

But the #GreenWave has delivered the fantastic @ellie_chowns as our first ever Green MEP in the region! 💚 #EuropeanElectionResults


@MagicMagid is on his way to Brussels

Yorkshire and Humber voted to #ChooseHope and declare that Immigrants Make Britain Great 👊💚 #EuropeanElectionResults

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