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Green Party York Outer nominee

Lars Kramm

Lars Kramm is a trained lawyer, specialising in environmental and European law. He has been a member of his native German Green Party for 15 years, serving in different functions including as a Green Councillor for five years on his hometown’s city council. He has worked as a researcher and lecturer and was an NGO delegate at the Doha international climate change conference in 2012. He works currently as a manager for a York based retail company.

Lars says: “Micklegate has for years been a centre of Green activities and it is an area that means a great deal to me. I am very grateful for the trust that the residents of Micklegate placed in me and I am very happy, but the hard work to meet the expectations as a ward councillor has now started. In our political rainbow ward it is essential to work together and have all residents in mind, not just the ones that voted for us”.

Why is CND listed in a police counter-terror list?

Surely nuclear bombs terrorise people, not a campaign like ours which is trying to get rid of nuclear weapons?

This is massive overreach of the state and threatens our right to peaceful protest.

Join us on the 27th January as we remember all those who lost their lives & suffered as a result of the Holocaust and other subsequent genocide.

BOOK NOW ➡️ or call 01484 471939.

#Memorial #Holocaust #hmd #hmd2020


🙀 It seems now I have to declare my membership in a terrorist organisation🤷‍♂️@GreenpeaceUK @greenpeace_de
😩and I just wanted to save the planet from climate collapse 😭

So sad to see our Magnificent 7 go @GreenMEPs Big thanks to @alexforeurope @catherinerowett @GinaDowdingMEP @MollyMEP @ScottMEPLondon @EllieChownsMEP & of course Yorkshire's own @MagicMagid You & the strong Green voices will be missed in #Europe #EU @Europarl_EN @GreensEFA

The last thing the government should do is throw a lifeline to Flybe

My dog is lost, last seen Elvington/Wheldrake area, 4pm 13/01/20. He is a ginger cockapoo. He has a collar and is micro chipped. Please keep a look out, he is very friendly #lostdog #york #yorkuk #uk @minsterfm @yorkpress

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